No experience is required

Most of our best actors have no acting experience at all.

What  is required? Energy, Energy, Energy. Dependable transportation. Ability to be on time, every-time, working nightly weekends is require plan on averaging about 8 hours on location on the days of the haunt, a desire to scare people. If you answered yes to all of these than this is where you want to be during the Halloween season.

Purgatory Scream Park will provide everything that you need such as costumes, makeup, and accessories. This job can be physically and mentally exhausting and can feel very demanding on busy nights. Getting paid is the awesome part but also watching people get scared is a huge reward in itself.


No experience is required

No experience is required.

We will train you how manage Purgatory Scream Parks parking lot and how the vehicles need to be parked. Purgatory Scream Park will supply each parking lot attendant with a reflective vest, flashlight, and a two-way radio.


Experience IS required

Our make-up is applied using many different mediums, so you must have experience and a portfolio to show us your work.

We are also looking for experienced artist in “special effects” make-up who can work with latex, this person needs to be able to work very fast. This position requires a lot of creativity and a love of the genre. A demonstration may also be required.

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